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Orthognathic and Orthofacial Surgery

Surgeries intended to correct the incorrect position of jaws and other components of the face; returns the facial harmony and establishes a new parameter in the face in relation to the chin, nose, cheekbones next to a good and efficient dental occlusion.

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ATM Surgery

Intended to correct poor function in the temporomandibular joint; It allows to limit the progression of diseases, reduce noise and pain with different surgical and non-surgical methods.

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Facial Surgery

Surgery aimed at rejuvenation and modification of the face based on new contours and facial proportions. Surgical and non-surgical techniques that lead to significant changes of the face or rejuvenation of the facial area, neck, eyelids, forehead and lips.

Go to Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Recovery of teeth and other areas of the face through titanium implants that return lost function and aesthetics. The surgeries are of varied complexity and with new technologies allow rapid recovery.

Go to Bone Grafts and Reconstruction

Bone Grafts and Reconstruction

Surgeries that allow the reconstruction of bone lost due to dental loss or trauma or sequelae of diseases; The bone can be donated from the same patient or can be obtained from manufactured and synthesized elements.

Go to Craniofacial & Maxillofacial Surgery

Craniofacial & Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgeries to treat fractures and traumas of the face, severe malformations of the face and tumors, oral and facial cysts. With modern 3D printing and planning techniques it is possible to achieve high results.

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About Us

Technology and research allow to improve the surgery that treats the disease and changes the aesthetics of our patients

A New FACE is a clinic oriented to the diagnosis and development of Facial Surgery that allows the integral development of facial modifications. We rely on the comprehensive facial analysis that ranges from the solution for diseases of the facial skeleton to aesthetic modifications. In our work Facial Surgery includes oral implantology, smile surgery, orthognathic surgery, orthofacial surgery, atm surgery, facial rejuvenation, facial aesthetics, facial feminization surgery, facial contour management and image change surgeries facial. We take responsibility for our work in order to generate satisfaction in those who visit us.

As the first pillar A New FACE uses cutting-edge technology with surgical design with latest generation software, virtual surgery prior to the intervention and 3D printing; A New FACE uses current research as a second pillar of work which allows predictability and efficient development of our interventions with low morbidity; The third pillar of A New FACE is empathy with our patients and their families, giving them an experience according to their needs.

All our patients receive advice from people specialized for the management of their times, agendas and how to finance their surgeries; Patients from other cities and other countries conduct online consultations and receive full guidance on taking exams, records, consultations and surgeries in order to optimize their time in a coordinated and safe way.

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Our Team

Meet the team of clinic professionals

Sergio Olate Morales

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Fellow in Facial Surgery
BMF Implantology Specialist

Natalia Roa Muñoz

Executive Secretary
Surgery Coordinator

Erika Paillal Levin


Paulina Rodríguez Pérez

Senior Technician Nursing and Dentistry
Surgical Instrumenter


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